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I finally got my GDEMU, i was on the waiting list for 6 months now.
Installation is pretty easy, you just remove the gdrom drive and plug in the gdemu.

Insert a sdcard with games and it will play them immediately.
I will write a more detailed review later.



This game is with CDDA but not selfbootable.
Once you make it selfbootable the image will be too big to fit on a 80min CDR.
Luckily DCRES released a version with some duplicate movies removed, which will fit fine.


Great game and good release with CDDA (music) tracks included.
Unfortunately you will need to dummy it and make it selfbootable.
I used autodummy to create a dummy file.
Then used bin2boot cdda to create a .cdi file.

There is also a Re-Volt [DCRes] version, also works perfect i suggest getting that one.
It’s ready to burn as a .cdi file with optimized loading times.

Best Dreamcast games according to Metacritic

  1. SoulCalibur 9,8
  2. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 9,7
  3. NFL 2K1 9,7
  4. Jet Grind Radio 9,4
  5. Quake III Arena 9,3
  6. Test Drive Le Mans 9,3
  7. NBA 2K1 9,3
  8. NBA 2K2 9,3
  9. Marvel vs. Capcom 2 9,0
  10. Tennis 2K2 9,0

Full list is here: